​New update of Age of Magic will be available in less than two weeks!

And today we’d like to lay the foundation for a new tradition: let’s publish the 1.5 patch notes way before the release!

Next version of Age of Magic is going to include:

  • Campaign Act V — Roland and his companions are journeying on the  ice-bound remnant.
  • New mode — Challenges. It is a special game mode where mini-campaigns begin on a particular day of the week. Every mini-campaign requires a specific set of heroes. In contrast to the events, challenges can be passed with Memory Spheres.
  • New Event! You will learn what exactly the Demons had been searching for on the remnant of the  Arekhon Undead. The igneous Succubus will be given as a reward to all those who are lucky enough to complete the event entirely! 

 Balance changes:

  •  ️All heroes of the Demon faction are getting stronger;
  • ️ Items will be giving a more steady boost to a hero’s characteristics;
  • ️ Rarity and Level will be having a stronger effect on heroes’ basic stats;
  • ️ Most Shards in Shop will become cheaper!
  •  ️AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming much smarter:
    - AI will be taking DOT and multiple strike skills into account;
    - AI will be choosing the most appropriate target to attack: heroes with high damage and low health, healers, etc.;
    - Choosing a target AI to attack while the auto-battle mode is on is going to become more comfortable;
  • ️ Some skills will be used more rationally:
    - Blood Priest won’t be committing suicide with Black Sacrifice nor be killing allies with Cry of the Void;
    - Taunt abilities will be activated when there is the maximal amount of enemy heroes on the battlefield.
  • The Tomb of Horrors’ balance will be adjusted in accordance with the Demons’ buff, AI improvement and the possibility to add the 6th hero into your squad.
  • You will be given Gold for the full completion of the Tomb of Horrors!

Stay tuned!

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