We're delightful to announce you that the new update's been released!

Enjoy the new  Campaign Act where you can discover six brand-new heroes, experience the  Challenges mode and be ready to spend some time to complete the new mini-campaign revealing more details about the Demons faction!

 Patch notes 1.5. What’s new:

1. Campaign Act V — Roland and his companions are journeying on the ice-bound Barbarians’ remnant; 
2. The Barbarians faction is from now on complete! 
3. A new Demon hero is in the game – Xaart! 
4. New mode — Challenges. It is a special game mode where mini-campaigns begin on a particular day of the week. Every mini-campaign requires a specific set of heroes. In contrast to the events, challenges can be passed with Memory Spheres;
5. New Event! You will learn what exactly the Demons had been searching for on the remnant of the Arekhon Undead. The igneous Succubus will be given as a reward to all those who are lucky enough to complete the event entirely!

 Gameplay changes:

1. Hard mode is now called Heroic mode, and is available once a Campaign Act has been completed, regardless the number of stars gained.
2. Game modes are available from different levels:
3. Arena is available from level 15;
- Friends are available from level 17;
- Tomb of Horrors is available from level 21;
- Challenges are available from level 25;
- Tournament is available from level 30.
4. There is a new system of heroes’ leveling up:
- Experience potions are automatically combined to increase the level more effectively;
- More than one hero can be leveled up simultaneously. 
5. The 7th skill level is available;
6. Positive and negative status effects move to the next battle round if already applied (refers only to campaign, events and challenges);
7. AI (artificial intelligence) has become smarter:
- AI takes damage over time (DOT) and multiple strike skills into account;
- AI chooses the most appropriate target for attack: heroes with high damage and low health, healers, etc.;
- Choosing a target AI to attack while the auto-battle mode is on is more comfortable;
11. Some skills are used more rationally:
- Blood Priest won’t commit suicide with Black Sacrifice nor will kill allies with Cry of the Void;
- Taunt abilities are activated when there is the maximal amount of enemy heroes on the battlefield.

 Balance changes: 

1. All heroes of the Demon faction have become stronger;
2. Hargrim’s healing effectiveness, armor and health have been increased;
3. Ambror’s Dwarf Bolt’s Mark effect duration has been extended to two turns; 
4. Troddar’s and Akhrasht’s base critical hit power has been decreased;
5. Hilia’s base critical hit power and basic attack damage have been decreased;
6. Rok is unlocked with 5-star rarity;
7. Items give a more steady boost to a hero’s stats;
8. Rarity and Level have a stronger impact on heroes’ basic stats;
9. The Tomb of Horrors’ balance has been adjusted in accordance with the Demons’ buff and AI improvement.
10. The rewards in campaign missions have become more valuable;
11. Items’ drop chance in the campaign has been increased;
12. Demon faction shards can be found in Campaign Act II, Heroic mode; 
13. The amount of Diamonds given in the Tomb of Horrors has been increased;
14. You will be given Gold for the full completion of the Tomb of Horrors!

 Markets and Shop changes:

1. Low level items can be bought for silver;
2. High level items appear in the markets according to the player’s level;
3. Heroes’ shards have been redistributed;
4. One more row with heroes’ shards has been added to the Tomb of Horrors market;
5. Hargrim’s and Rok’s shards are available in the Arena Market;
6. A great amount of shards has become cheaper!

 Other changes: 

1. Squad power is calculated in a different way now;
2. Daily bonus can be received three times a day (not five as it used to be);
3. Tons of bug fixes and UI improvements;
4. iPhone 5, 5c and iPad 4th Generation are temporarily not being supported, but they will be from version 1.6. At least iPhone 5s or iPad Air are now required to play the game.
5. Age of Magic requires less space now – 680 MB.


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Hi, awesome game! Do you want any voice acting for your game? If so, i’d love to voice for it. You can listen to my reel here and if you like it, let me know: 


If you'd rather not, i understand. But I appreciate you listening to my reel anyway.

Glad, you liked Age of Magic :)

You have nice reel! We'll discuss with the team if we would like to voice our game.

Anyway, wish good luck to you!

Please, give us your e-mail so we can contact with you :)

Glad you like it. You can contact me at lucasbishop @ protonmail .com (remove spaces). Hope to hear from you soon.

Of course you do!
Will get in touch with you at near time.